Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Two Are Better Than One by Carol Ryrie Brink

Two Are Better Than One
Carol Ryrie Brink
MacMillan Co. 1968

This is a story within a story, within a story. It spans many years and continents, venturing even into the land of make-believe. Two diminutive pocket dolls, Lester and Lynette, are the connecting link. For, "you only had to put Lester and Lynette in your pocket and the dullest day turned into something special." (p.3)

The dolls entered the lives of Cordy and Chrystal, two little girls from a small Idaho town, on a Christmas day near the turn of the century. Over the course of the next year, the girls and the dolls went everywhere together--to school, on horseback rides--even into the pages of a childhood novel.

It is this novel that adds so much charm to the story. As I read the melodramatic scribblings of Cordy and Chrystal, I was reminded of my own childhood days when I wrote stories with my best friends.

There were many moments--the rag doll costumes, the cartwheel hats--that made me laugh aloud.

This story shows the joys of childhood and the transition to maturity with wit, sympathy and wisdom. I set down the book with a sigh--for once, perfectly happy with an author's ending.

It is interesting to note the many parallels to the author's life in this story. To find more about her, go here.

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