Thursday, April 10, 2008

Latest treasure hunt

I love shopping for books. Especially when they are 25 cents each, as at the latest used book sale at my local library.

For an investment of about $15, here's what we got: (minus some that have already made it to the bookshelves)

As my family and I were driving to the sale, my dad mentioned that we needed to keep an eye out for Edwin Tunis titles. Early in our homeschooling years, we loved reading his books describing the Colonial period and have been saddened to find them gradually disappearing from the library shelves. Not only that, but the prices have been going up dramatically on used copies...far above my budget, anyway!

After spending an hour or so looking through boxes and boxes of books, I thought I was finished. But my dad was still browsing the children's area. So I glanced around to pass the time---imagine my surprise when I found not one, but two Tunis titles! I couldn't help hurrying to my family and triumphantly proclaiming "I win!"

So here are my favorite buys, beneath an addition to our Clara Ingram Judson biography collection:

It was definitely a worthwhile hour and a half!

To find book sales in your area, try the Book Sale Finder. Happy hunting!

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Clare said...

Aren't library sales just wonderful? Unfortunately we, having a small library, rarely find any gems... most of what they're giving away is the cheap romance stuff. All the same, it really is a treasure hunt, and you never know when something precious is going to come up!