Saturday, April 26, 2008

Nothing to Wear? by Joe Lupo

Nothing to Wear?: A Five-Step Cure for the Common Closet
by Joe Lupo

I skimmed this book in an afternoon...actually, just over lunch. Nothing new here, just common sense advice like "get rid of the clothes you don't like" and "find your style". That's pretty much it. What I will remember most are the three questions to ask when weeding your closet:
1."Do I love it?"
2. "Does it flatter me?"
3. "Does it project the image I want of myself?"

One interesting idea was to take photos of outfit combinations to keep near your closet, to save time when you're in a hurry. A bit to organized for me, but it might work for some.

I wouldn't buy it. But it's worth a glance at the library. I was inspired to get rid of a few things. ;)

And just in case you wondered what my style is: Whimsical Classic

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