Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Kara's Reading Goals for 2014

It's that fun time of the year again. Book lists! Here are twelve books I plan to read in the coming year.

Books that are presents from my husband:

True Companion by Nancy Wilson Finished in June
This is a reworking of the Pastor's Wife e-mails that Nancy has been writing for the past few years. I find her advice biblical and practical.

The Book Lover's Cookbook
A present for our fourth anniversary.

Devotional books:

The Pastor's Wife by Sabina Wurmbrand
I'm reading this as a companion to John's Lenten reading.

Pulpit and Communion Table by John Duncan
This will be my Sunday book.

Books on Raising Children:

Instructing a Child's Heart by Ted Tripp

Designing Your Own Classical Curriculum by Laura Berquist Finished in March
I like to read one book on homeschooling every year. This one is from a Catholic perspective.

Christian Living:

Say Goodbye to Survival Mode by Crystal Paine Finished in March
This is written by a childhood friend.

Holy is the Day by Carolyn Weber Finished in January
This looks like another book about motherhood burnout, which seems a popular topic these days. But I'm interested because her book Surprised by Oxford was so good.

Children's books:

Black Ships Before Troy by Rosemary Sutcliff  Finished in February
Illustrated by Alan Lee.

Boys of Blur by N.D. Wilson Finished in April
I like this author so much that I think I'll be reading anything he writes from now on.

Bible Study:

How to Read the Bible as Literature by Leland Ryken
I attempted this last year. Maybe I'll finish this time!

Exegetical Fallacies by D.A. Carson
This book is about things like the etymological fallacy.

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