Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Kara's Reading Goals for 2010

In past years, my reading goals have been a bit ambitious. The lists were too long for someone who likes picking most of her books on the spur of the moment, and there were too many weighty titles. So this year, I've chosen only twelve books, each in a different category. I've included only one or two difficult titles, and to make things simpler, I've narrowed my options by choosing only from books we already have on our shelves.

Church history

The Story of the Church by A.M. Renwick and A. M. Harman

I realized the other day that church history is an area I'm a bit weak in. I've read lots of bits and pieces, but have never read a full-length overview. I'm spurred on to remedy my weakness by the realization that for me as a Christian, church history is family history.


Girl Meets God by Lauren Winner Finished February 2010


Watership Down by Richard Adams Finished September 2010


Hamlet by Shakespeare

I intend to read this in conjunction with the study notes from Peter Leithart's Brightest Heaven of Invention.


Works of G. K. Chesterton

Children's Book

Scout: The Secret of the Swamp by Piet Prins

I wanted to read something that my husband read as a child, and he said this was a good place to start.

Science Fiction

Changing Planes by Ursula Le Guin Finished March 2010

Biblical Exposition

Wrestling with God: Lessons from the Life of Jacob by J. Douglas MacMillan


Repairing the Ruins: The Classical and Christian Challenge to Modern Education by Douglas Wilson Finished August 2010

I read Recovering the Lost Tools of Learning years ago, and it was instrumental in forming my ideas about education. In this title, I hope to learn more about the specifics of the classical method.


One Flesh: A Practical Guide to Honeymoon Sex and Beyond by Amelia and Greg Clarke Finished January 2010


To a Thousand Generations: Infant Baptism - Covenant Mercy to the Children of God by Douglas Wilson

Having recently joined the Presbyterian church, I want to develop my knowledge of the theology behind paedobaptism. I chose this particular book for two reasons: it is written specifically for readers of Baptist background (like myself), and it is by one of my favourite authors.

Book about Books

Soul Survivor: How Thirteen Unlikely Mentors Helped My Faith Survive the Church by Philip Yancey Finished January 2010

The mentors mentioned in the subtitle are authors such as Chesterton, Donne and Tolstoy.

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