Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Dusting off the shelves...

Blogging has been the furthest thing from my mind in recent months. Not too surprising, as those months involved two very life-changing events: marriage and an international move. But as the two-month anniversary of my wedding approaches, I feel the urge to once again toss a few words of my own into the blogosphere.

Currently Reading:

Primeval Saints by James Jordan

This is a study of some of the men and women in the book of Genesis. Since John and I are currently reading through Genesis, this book caught my eye. I was further intrigued by this sentence in the introduction: "From the pagan point of view, Abram did not act honorably when he told Sarai to tell Pharaoh that she was his sister and not his wife. Many Christians have faulted him for this, but as we shall see, he was acting in faith to preserve God's kingdom. And God vindicated him. "
I have yet to find out why he says this...

The Complete Stories of Dorothy Sayers

I was thrilled to find this on John's shelf! I loved the Lord Peter short stories, and had been disappointed that none of Sayers' other short stories were available in libraries near Wichita. Now I'm zipping through the 300 pages of adventure that I missed. Some of the stories send a shiver down my spine. Others make me feel like the top of my head is coming off. Not sure what that means. But perhaps others who've experienced the sensation will understand!

For a Glory and a Covering by Douglas Wilson

John is reading this to me. It's a bit more theological in tone than Wilson's other books on marriage. He does repeat many things he has said elsewhere, but those things are worth repeating.

June 6, 2009

Finished Recently:

Sketches of Home by Suzanne Clark

Ever since I read Tremendous Trifles by Chesterton, I've wanted to find more essays that appreciate the small things in life. This book is chockful. Honest, poetic, and unsentimental, it chronicles the life of Mrs. Clark from the early days of her marriage til her children reach the brink of adulthood. Mixed in are occasional reminiscences of her own childhood.

In John's home state of Tasmania

Black and Tan by Douglas Wilson

It's been years since I read anything about the War Between the States. But I've had a few questions posed to me recently, so I decided it might be time to revisit the period. I found this collection of essays to be a helpful and balanced discussion of the theological issues surrounding the war. Good mind-stretching stuff.

84 Charing Cross Road by Helene Hanff

John recommended this to me way back when, but for some reason I procrastinated. Once I had it in my hands, though, I couldn't put it down. It's the collected correspondence of a booklover and a London bookshop and tells the story of the friendships that developed over twenty years. The sequel, Duchess of Bloomsbury, was included in the same volume. It's the diary of the author's trip to London, after the successful publication of 84 Charing Cross Road. Wryly humourous, it brought back good memories of my own travels, and made me want to go back to see the places I missed.

Cold Comfort Farm by Stella Gibbons

I can summarize this book in one word: Weird. But enjoyably so. I could feel the author laughing at me as I finished the final paragraphs.

It feels so good to settle down into the rhythm of a new normal. My life is quite different in many ways, but books are a comforting constant!


Radagast said...

Welcome back to the blogosphere!

You must catch the film version of "Cold Comfort Farm" too.

The Librarian said...

I loved 84 charing cross road also!

Great blog post- great to get some insight into what you are reading and thinking about :)

Charles Siboto said...

Welcome back.

Kara Dekker said...

Yes, we've plans to watch that eventually, Tony.

Thanks, Charles. Glad to see you stop by!