Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Another chance for free books and more


Recently, my friend Crystal over at Biblical Womanhood Online has been having giveaway drawings quite frequently.
This week, the giveaway is a $25 gift certificate from Vision Forum, one of my favorite places to find good books. As a bonus, Crystal is also giving away some CD's of thought provoking messages by such excellent preachers as Voddie Baucham and Douglas Phillips.

Interested? Find more details here.

A giveaway not related to books but nonetheless worth checking into if you're a young woman wanting to add something new, modest and fashionable to your wardrobe is over at Christa Taylor. The clothes aren't exactly my style...but then, I've never been one to be exceptionally "trendy". :) However, many of the outfits were right up my sister's alley.

I won't give the details here; my friend Lydia already has done an admirable job. Or, of course, you could go directly to the giveaway source.

My wishlist
Sister's wishlist

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A Heart of Praise said...

Hello! I just came across your blog when I was looking through some of my profile intrest. They just changed it so you can click on anything you have listed and it will bring up other people who have the same things on their profiles. :)

Anyway, I thought it was neat because I just posted about the Biblical Womanhood giveaway on my blog today.:)