Friday, July 27, 2007

Guest Review: A Dangerous Game by Jeri Massi

Guess who's been writing more than big sis lately? Here's Tina's latest report:

My second book review, the second book in the Peabody series: A DANGEROUS GAME by Jeri Massi

This book is narrated, believe it or not, by the former neighborhood bully, Scruggs. Scruggs is a new Christian. He has been a foster kid for most of his life and now he has a chance to have a real mother. That is, until his Aunt Caroline (who no one knew existed) shows up and decides to take him in.

Her home is in San Francisco, California, far from Peabody, Wisconsin, the only home Scruggs has ever known. Now he must decide who he can trust, and who he can’t. Would a real aunt say that you didn’t belong to anybody, that you were alone, so you had to trust her?

When an aunt or foster mother loves you, she doesnt tell you you dont belong to anybody. She tells you that you belong to her when an aunt takes you on sight unseen because she loves you, she doesnt laugh at you. Nothing seemed to match with Aunt Caroline. Supposedly she had sent for me because she loved mea big sacrifice for somebody who wasnt used to having a kid around. And she had promised the Agency to take care of me and be a mother to me

So why does Aunt Caroline really want him? She said that she was Scrugg’s father’s sister. So how did she end up so rich? Scrugg’s father was dirt poor. And what of this mysterious note posted on his door: “Beware the Juggler”. There are plenty of jugglers in San Francisco. Why is he even in San Francisco? Why did his Bible mysteriously disappear? What happened to those things in his wallet and pockets?

I find this mystery very intricate, but it’s not hard to follow. Jeri Massi is very talented at writing in the first person, and by doing so, she helps her readers understand the character much more. I love her style.

by Christina A.

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