Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Purpose Statement

The purpose of this blog is to discuss, study, and comment on a subject near to my heart: the reading of good books. As I do this, I desire to speak, without apology, from an expressly Christian perspective.
As a Christian, every area of my life is subject to the rule of Christ, and I desire to continually grow in this direction. It is my hope that my readers will be inspired to explore more deeply the world of literature, and to learn to see all that they read through the eyes of sacred Scripture.

A corollary purpose of this blog is the improvement of my writing skills. Feeling the extra pressure of a public forum should be a good incentive towards achieving this goal.

This blog is not intended as a random catch-all for meaningless thoughts, or as a laundry-list description of my life. However, be forewarned that I may occasionally stray off-subject!

I welcome comments, (Preferring a dialogue to a monologue!) but of course reserve the right to delete them when the occasion requires.

As you can see, I have rather lofty aspirations for this new venture. But, being only human, and a rather reticent, reserved one at that, it will be an uphill climb. So please bear with me!

For am I now seeking the approval of man, or of God? Or am I trying to please man? If I were still trying to please man, I would not be a servant of Christ.
Galatians 1:10, English Standard Version


Crystal Paine said...

Welcome to the blogosphere, Kara!

This blog is not intended as a random catch-all for meaningless thoughts...


Sounds a little like my blog. At least the "random catch-all" part. :)

Lydia H. said...

Oh, Joy! You have a blog! I am very excited to read your thoughts about various books. I will be linking to you, for sure. I tend to be very lacking in the book review department on my own blog, so I will be referring others to yours for some great literature. So glad you have joined the ranks of the bloggers. :)

Your friend, Lydia

natalie said...

Just wanted to pop over and say hi, Kara! I look forward to reading your posts - I'm sure they will be very interesting. I hope I can glean from your hours of reading and studying and your wealth of knowledge!