Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Not a Tame Lion: The Spiritual Legacy of C.S. Lewis
By Terry W. Glaspey

Negligible as a biography, the strength of this book is in its concise collection of Lewis’ thought. It is a very helpful overview for those who have not yet read many of his books.

Not a Tame Lion is divided into three major sections entitled “His Life”, “His Thought”, and “His Legacy”. Of the three, the second was the most beneficial to me. The author takes a set subject, such as pain, and summarizes Lewis’ view, frequently quoting directly from the source.

Having grown up hearing C.S. Lewis quoted almost to the exclusion of other worthy Christian authors, even in secular settings, I often wondered why he became such a popular writer. I think I understand now. He has an amazing ability to explain complicated issues in a simple way that anyone can understand. His talent for finding new ways to illustrate God’s truth is a gift that not many writers have.

Terry Glaspey has awakened in me a desire to read more of Lewis’ books for myself, thus admirably accomplishing his stated goal.

Many thanks to friend Peter for the loan of his book!

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