Saturday, May 24, 2008

When Life Doesn't Slow Down....

How do you find time to read? I feel like I'm starving for lack of books! In the past 4 weeks, I've only been able to finish (horrors!) three titles. This is a bit depressing. But I have to remind myself that this is only a season. And it will soon be only a dim memory.

Looking on the bright side, I've been able to squeeze in time reading aloud to my little brother. A bit of a new experience, and one I've enjoyed immensely. He has discovered the world of Little House on the Prairie for the first time. I love it when we get to the end of a chapter and he asks for "one more, please?"!

Reading aloud at the park

I've tried my hand at bargain shopping. Best deal last week: 26 individual cups of organic yogurt and 2 boxes of herbal tea for $2.50. I could get hooked on this!

My first big Walgreens experiment. It came to about $4 after sales, coupons, Register Rewards and rebates.

Watched four baby robins grow up. First they were naked and helpless. Then they were open-mouthed and ugly. Just when they started looking like birds, they were gone.

The baby robins in one of the ugly stages

Took care of one horse, two dogs and fifteen-plus cats. Weeded the garden. Had a piano recital at my house. Accompanied at an opera rehearsal. Played for a wedding. Saw the flowers of my peony plants after waiting for two years.

Biscuit and I

Life is good. But bring on the books!

One of the many cats


natalie said...

Looks like you've accomplished a lot lately!

I was just telling someone yesterday that at this point in my life the question usually comes down to, "Should I read or should I sleep tonight?" :-) Some things are definitely worth sacrificing for!

Charles Siboto said...

I'm trying to get my little sister to read Prince Caspian but all my devious schemes don't seem to be working. The aim is to get her into the story and before she knows it she'll be hooked. I see you're reading Inklings, sweet.

Kara Dekker said...


Keep trying! My little brother doesn't read for himself yet (of his own volition, anyway!), but he does love to hear stories. I'm hoping he'll discover the fun for himself eventually. :)

WAS reading Inklings...but got distracted by one or two other titles...maybe I'll get back to it this week!