Saturday, February 23, 2008

Quick Post: Currently Reading

Blogging had to be put on hold, as our family went through a month-long round of illnesses.
Hopefully we're on the other side of that now! I'm playing catch-up with a lot of things, so until I have time to write, here's a "filler" update on my latest reads:

The Greatest Horse Stories Ever Told: Thirty Unforgettable Horse Tales by Steven Price

The title is a bit hyperbolic. That aside, it has been a nice change of pace from my normal reading fare. My favorite so far has been an article from Sports Illustrated entitled "Pure Heart" about Secretariat, an amazing racehorse who won the 1973 Belmont Stakes by over 30 lengths!

The Digital Photography Book, Volume 2
by Scott Kelby

Short, one page articles on how to get professional looking shots.

Mood, Ambience & Dramatic Effects by Joseph Meehan

This beyond-the-basics book from Kodak makes me want to run outside with my camera. Many of the photos are almost drool-worthy. ;)

The Book of Matthew

I'm studying this in Bible Study Fellowship, and being challenged in so many ways. I tend to read my Bible much to quickly, and have loved focusing on one chapter at a time for a change.

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