Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Listless? Not for long!

I love making lists. I'm not exactly a scatterbrain, but I do find it hard to focus until I take pencil and paper in hand! My writing notebook is full of lists, including the ubiquitous "to do" as well as a wide variety of book-related ones. (of course!) Lists are a way for me to record past progress, as well as to outline goals for the future. They are a way for me to set priorities and organize my thoughts.

I wonder if it's true that “Lists are the most necessary literary accessories of all." (Umberto Eco--HT to George Grant) I do know that they are a lot of fun. I'm not the only one to be fascinated with lists: there was a recent book published devoted to the topic.

Over the next few days, I'll share some of my own lists. I intend to focus on those related to books, in keeping with my blog theme, but a few others may make it into the mix. (for variety!) In the meantime, here are some lists others have made:

George Grant's Literary Lists

Top 10 Lists from Buried Treasure Books
(I found several new-to-me authors to check out from here!)

100 Most Influential Books Ever Written
(Interesting from a historical viewpoint...haven't read many of these, and don't intend to!)

Do any of my readers share my fascination with lists? I'd like to hear from you! Do you make lists simply as a way to outline things to be done, or do you make other sorts?

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