Wednesday, November 14, 2007

New Poll: please answer

I've added a new poll to my sidebar. I plan on asking new questions periodically. This one's quite easy: how many books have you read this year?

This question was inspired by an appalling poll result reported by the Associated Press: 1 in 4 adults read no books last year. This is quite unthinkable for me, a confirmed bibliophile--but it should be equally disturbing to any Christian, given the fact that God chose to reveal Himself to us through the written word.

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Lydia H. said...

That is somewhat of a difficult question. I know I've read several books this year but I can't quite remember how many. It also depends if I can only count full books read or portions of books. Here are several that come to mind:

1) The Hobbit (April)
2) Sense and Sensibility (April)
3) The Debt- Angela Hunt (June)
4) Future Grace- Piper (still reading)
5) Biblical Foundations for Manhood and Womanhood- Grudem/Piper (Sept/Oct.)
6) Matthew's Gospel (August)
7) The Treasure Principle- Randy Alcorn (Spring)
8) Paul's Epistle to the Romans (Jan-May)
9) God's Plan for Victory- R. J. Rushdoony (November)
10) Don't Waste Your Life- John Piper
11) For Women Only- Shaunti Feldham
12) Ordinary People, Extraordinary Faith- Joni Eareckson Tada
13) Valley of Vision- Puritan Prayers
14) So Much More- Botkins

Hope that gives you a good idea. So, yes, I definitely read more than 10 and maybe more than 20. There are probably a few I have forgotten. :)

What a great idea for a poll!
So did you spend the day reading for your birthday? :)