Friday, March 09, 2007

Thankfulness Thursday: Health (and trials!)

Do you find it hard sometimes to be thankful? I do. Many times I find myself focusing on needs, wants, and struggles more than on the immense bounty of blessings that God gives me daily.

I’ve been reading a lot by and about G.K. Chesterton recently. Standing above the many good qualities exemplified in his life and writing is his exuberant joy and grateful spirit. He believed that the Christian should be the happiest person in the world, because he had the most to be thankful for.

Looking at my life, I am shamed to find that often I am a poor example of the happy Christian.

So I asked God to help me see more clearly His goodness in everyday life…. and He sent me a weeklong illness! That unpleasant experience brought an unexpected result: a renewed appreciation for that often unnoticed blessing of good health.

Because of that sickness, I am still praising God for health three weeks after the fact. Trials are a good anchor for memory. And because of that, I thank Him.

Thanks to Lydia for coming up with "Thursdays of Thankfulness", as well as being part of the motivation to actually get this posted on my blog!

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