Friday, November 10, 2006

Change in comments

I recently eliminated comment moderation on this blog--partly because there haven't been any comments to moderate! Also, maybe it will make it easier for those of you who don't like waiting for me to check my e-mail (which is usually at least once in a blue moon!) .

However, I still have "anonymous" comments disabled. I like to know who I'm talking to...even if it's a pseudonym. Being anonymous looks like the first step to being a snake in the grass, anyway!

How about suggestions for a more interactive blog? I don't mean to sound stand-offish--do I come across that way? It's hard for me to think of interesting questions to ask.

Comments, please?


natalie said...

Hey Kara!

Good idea to turn off comment moderation. :-)

I like the questions you've asked thus far. I even thought about answering your question about what makes a good story (a couple posts ago), but I couldn't think of a very good answer, so I just gave up!

As far as more interactivity:
1. "Hot button"/controversial topics seem to do the trick! ;-)
2. Offer a prize associated somehow with commenting...

Those are two that I've seen work effectively on other blogs - not my own, mind you. I have a very uninteractive blog most of the time. But I do seem to have a knack for meeting people who already know me from my blog - two separate people in the last week came up to me and introduced themselves and said they knew all about me from my blog...scary thought!

Anyway...I enjoy reading your posts, even if I don't often get around to commenting on them.

Kara Dekker said...

Thanks for the kind words, Natalie.

I doubt I'll be offering any prizes! However, the controversial topic idea has crossed my mind. ;)
Maybe someday when I'm feeling brave...sometimes those things really stress me out!


Lydia H. said...

Hi Kara! I didn't realize that you had posted some new posts lately, otherwise I would have commented sooner. :)
You have a great start in creating a more interactive blog just by asking people to share their thoughts or ideas about something. I found that this works well to get people to comment. I second Natalie's two ideas for a more interactive blog. I felt the same way you do about delving into hot-button issues for a long while but I have warmed up to them somewhat since I have been blogging for well over a year. I think it helps to go with something you are passionate about or are well-versed in to share your views. I won't dare touch some issues just becaue I don't feel that I am qualified or well-versed enough to speak to them.

I have considered brooching the creation vs. evolution debate since it is something I am quite passionate about and know a fair amount on the topic. I don't think I would mind debating something like that. I would approach it from a unique angle, though and appeal more to those Christians who sit on the fence or have a non-commital approach to the issue.

As for other ideas:
I know they can be annoying and trivial but sometimes the memes are a good way just to get to know people casually and find people with similar interests or ideas. If you tag someone on another blog who you know may read your blog but you don't know much about that person it is a fun way to learn more about that person. I think that is how I got to know Susan and a few others than comment regularly on my blog now.

Posting regularly on your own blog helps to get regular readers also. You don't have to post everyday but at least once a week. :)

Another thing I have began doing more often is linking to various articles I find interesting or enjoyable. I may post a few excerpts from the article and then offer my thoughts on the article itself or the issue addressed by it. This works well for starting to share more of your own thoughts about something.

Maybe you could share about something you enjoy doing or have experienced recently. How about sharing about your viola playing or your trip to Dallas (after you return)?

Oh, and HAPPY day late BIRTHDAY! It sure was sweet of you and your family to attend the gathering yesterday even with plans to leave town soon and it being your birthday. It meant alot to me. :) Now I can say that you are older than me, but of course when you return we will be the same age again. ;) You'll will have to honestly tell me what you thought of the song. I know it needs lots of major reworking. ;)

I'll look forward to seeing you on your return. Will you be riding back with Rachel and Eric when they come for Thanksgiving? Hope you have an enjoyable time. :)